The website of the Anti Internet Cancer Acossiation

Do you or a loved one suffer from being a normie? If so you need help. AICA, help is here.
Normies are a serius disease caused be over exposure to Toxic or Cancerous things on the internet. This program was made to help those in need. In the world we live in today level 3 normie is reaching astronomical levels.

There are three levels of normie.

level 3

You follow any of these brands: Apple, EA, Maverick, Instagram or Snapchat, Supreme. You watch Vine compilations unironically. Unfortunately this level is uncurable.

level 2

You watch minecraft or roblox lets plays and/or have a Facebook account.

level 1

Your non-imortal memes are over one month old. LACK OF A E S T H E T I C.